Your intelligence for the future !


We all have a duty in terms of retaining awareness.
We must harness our human and intellectual potential in order to contribute to a better world.

The stake involved for us is simple: to provide the best human and technological skills within optimal timeframes.

After a very selective recruiting process, we support our Consultants via a staff development programme. This programme is aimed at making our Consultants aware of their potential, and helps them to develop it. We are strongly determined to contribute to increasing the communications and customer relations capacities of everyone around us.

We have set our sights high: It is our "Human Mission", or in other words, to raise the level of awareness of those in our inner circle. This is not necessarily as easy as it looks...

Convictions... Energy... Talents... Skills... Duties... Motivations... the Human touch!

Our values

"To contribute to increasing our level of
self-awareness and the awareness of those around us"


Being honest (with yourself and others) Always having good intentionsRemaining impartial and reasoning objectivelyRemembering where you come from


Knowing yourselfCalling your beliefs into questionIdentifying what drives you and harness itGetting beyond your EgoExceeding your limits


Doing what is rightDecidingPutting your thoughts into actionBeing self-affirming and affirming to othersTaking measured risks


Accepting that everything depends on youRecognizing and accepting responsibility for your mistakesAnalysing your failures and successActing as an example to others